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The most terrible battles on Bigg Boss 14

Whether they are staged or real, the ugly fights and constant bickering on Bigg Boss never end. From leaving the show to adore disdain connections, here are a portion of the most obviously terrible battles that Bigg Manager 14 saw.

What is Bigg Manager without its battles? Sincerely, nothing! There is certainly not a solitary time of the television unscripted TV drama where battles breaking out in the house have not been a typical event. Be that as it may, Bigg Manager 14 producers appear to have gotten dependent on these battles. Strangely, challengers this time, who have watched the past times of Bigg Chief, feel that the show is about battles.


Each and every day, there is an episode which is splendidly altered to feature the nastiest battles happening inside the house. It gets so brutal some of the time that challengers begin manhandling one another, which is signaled out, obviously. While the fans banter the genuine piece of this unscripted TV drama, we bring to you a portion of the most terrible battles of Bigg Supervisor 14, regardless of whether organized.


At this point, it should be extremely obvious that Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta can’t completely agree. They have been getting into ugly arguments with each other ever since they entered the BB 14 house as challengers. In a new episode, Arshi had derided Vikas for having the genius tag and called him, ‘jhootha saala.’ This infuriated Vikas and he cautioned Arshi not to involve such language for him. They likewise got truly forceful with other. Arshi likewise took steps to hit Vikas with a skillet. During the battle, she additionally contacted his hair to which, Vikas powerfully moved her hand. They said that they had hit each other.

In another instance, Vikas became enraged by Arshi’s false rumors that he was in contact with BB’s creative team. He said, “Naagin dassna band kar.” This prompted a battle between the two and Arshi let him know that now she had turned into his foe. Arshi said, “Tumhari harkatein sab jaante hain, compassion gain mat karo, bhag yahan se.”

KAVITA’S elbow was injured by ALY GONI.

In one of the episodes, Kavita Kaushik got an extraordinary power by Bigg Manager to dump the things of challengers who defied the BB guidelines. Kavita was told to give the individual assets of the failing housemates to Bigg Chief. She had to drop them in a huge, specially designed box. It so happened that Aly took a chocolate bar from the chief’s thing, consequently defying the norm. Kavita chose to make a move right away and dropped his prepping things in the crate given by Bigg Chief. On this, Aly got bothered and said that Kavita ought to have asked him prior to dropping his own effects in the case.


During the battle, Kavita said, “Maine accha kaam kiya hai. I have done some good work and was not acting like an eagle or a goon anywhere, so cheel and gunda ban k nahi kiya Aly immediately answered saying, “Ekta maam! Apke show ka mazaak uda rahe hain (They are ridiculing your show).”Kavita yelled back, “Teri Baap Hoon Principal.” Aly freaked out over this and vented saying, “Teri aukaat nahi hai mera baap banne ki.”

He kicked extremely brutal and off breaking things in the house. He likewise broke a seat and tossed the garbage can. Their battle raised and Kavita proceeded to grumble to Bigg Manager that she didn’t have a solid sense of reassurance with Aly’s forceful way of behaving. She cried and whined that Aly hurt her actually and her elbow was harmed.

JASMIN Pitched A Significant Fit AFTER Battle WITH RAHUL VAIDYA

Who can fail to remember the monstrous battle between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya during a captaincy task? The entertainer clearly got insulted when Rahul attempted to persuade her to leave the errand and pitched a significant fit on the show. She threw herself around on the couch, cried bitterly, and flung her arms in the air. In the undertaking, Rahul had utilized a touch of power to cause Jasmin to lose the errand. After that, the actress was seen screaming and throwing things on the ground. She cried sharply and shouted, “Aise aadmi pe thu (I spit on such man). My nahi darti kisi aadmi se, koi paida nahi hua I dread no man).”

EIJAZ AND KAVITA – THE Notorious Adversaries OF BB 14

Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik had gotten off to a promising start when the last option went into the house as a trump card contender. Be that as it may, the condition between them took to bit by bit finish U-turn. The duo has occasionally fought some of the worst fights ever, which ought to be recorded in history. In one specific episode, the team met over a little kitchen spat, in a real sense. They came truly near one another while getting into a terrible conflict of words. It so happened that Kavita was provoking Eijaz for preparing food and not cleaning the counter. Eijaz answered, “When we request, really at that time will the kitchen counter be cleaned,” which powered the battle. Kavita additionally pushed Eijaz saying, “Assuming he comes before me, I will push him.” She was banged by Aly Goni for utilizing actual power which is contrary to the guidelines of Bigg Chief.


Additionally? Kavita Kaushik’s battle with Eijaz had even prompted her expulsion before. She had made an individual assault on Eijaz by saying, “I have given regard to an extremely senior individual from the business and that is my greatest slip-up.” She uncovered that during the lockdown she had prepared nourishment for Eijaz, yet they are not companions. A furious Salman Khan had even strolled off the stage.

In the prison task, Kavita had reported that she needed to see Eijaz and Pavitra Punia inside the enclosure and said that this way the two people in love can be near one another. This had prompted one more appalling battle too where Kavita blamed Eijaz for utilizing his own life to acquire compassion from others to excel in the game.

The pair’s battles are normal to such an extent that when Farah Khan had entered BB 14 as an appointed authority, she had examined Kavita concerning her monstrous battles and explosions with Eijaz. Kavita remained on her point and said that she was not sorry for her response during her disagreement with Eijaz.

So much so that former Bigg Boss contestants like Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, and Diandra Soares, among others, had pleaded with everyone to put their arguments behind them.


One of Bigg Boss 14’s most memorable fights may be this one. The word nepotism deeply affected the BB house and stood out as truly newsworthy till days. In one of the selection task, Rahul Vaidya had gone after Jaan Kumar Sanu for being a result of nepotism and making through Bigg Supervisor due to his dad Kumar Sanu. He had said, “I might want to assign Jaan Kumar Sanu on the grounds that I can’t stand nepotism. Whoever has come on the show, they’ve come based on their persistent effort. Jaan is on the show since he’s somebody’s child.”

Jaan responded by saying, “I’m lucky that my Mr Kumar Sanu is my dad. Not every person is simply fortunate. Appalling for you.” Jaan then, at that point, uncovered that his mom was the one he grew up with after their folks isolated, and his dad Kumar Sanu upheld him in the wake of seeing his ability. Salman Khan even reprimanded Rahul for the same thing.

While everybody was all the while reeling over this occurrence, Rahul offered one more remark on Jaan in the following episode where he called Jaan ‘ladki’. Naina Singh and Jasmin Bhasin later instructed him for the same thing. His remark to Jaan was, “Beta pehele ladka boycott. Ladki banna chop. In the first place, take care of business, don’t behave like a young lady).” He was slammed for thinking for focusing on the orientation and attempting to demonstrate that it is more fragile than the other

At the point when KAVITA Left BB POST Battle WITH RUBINA

Battles are normal however we never knew about a challenger leaving the show as a result of it. Kavita Kaushik, notwithstanding, impacted the world forever when she went out subsequent to getting into a monstrous disagreement with Rubina Dilaik. It so happened that Kavita provoked Rubina and inquired as to whether she knew her significant other’s (Abhinav Shukla) truth. Rubina answered, “Himmat hai to bol (Shout out assuming you have the mental fortitude),” to which Kavita said that she will talk once outside the house.


The battle additionally raised and Rubina called Kavita rubbish and said that she would have rather known nothing from her mouth. She then yelled at Kavita, “Ye jo gundagardi karti ho bahar karna mere samne mat karna,” and continued to yell at her.

After that, Kavita left Bigg Boss 14, and Rubina kept yelling, “You can only go that level.” You are magnanimous, useless. She recently left and that is the means by which Kavita Kaushik is. She will return to lick her own spit now, ab vapas aegi apna thooka hua chatne.

In the mean time, Kavita’s significant other had later blamed Abhinav Shukla for sending tipsy messages to the entertainer.

RAHUL VAIDYA Straightforwardly SAID HE Didn’t Regard RUBINA

Eijaz Khan accused the singer of disrespecting women and using inappropriate language during fights in a particular task. Rahul clarified that he did not respect Rubina Dilaik and only argued with her in the house. He additionally said that he isn’t embarrassed about it.

In the mean time, in a captaincy task, Rahul called Abhinav Shukla, Rubina’s ‘sasta vakil.’ It was a captaincy task where the two of them were top dog and sovereign. They were resolved on turning into the new commander of the BB 14 house. In the midst of this, they likewise got into a significant battle. “Rubina’s sasta vakil has come to help her now,” Rahul said as Abhinav Shukla came to defend Rubina. He additionally requested that the couple play separately.

EIJAZ and PVIVTRA’S love-hate relationship

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia had a fairly unique condition. From sentiment to terrible battles, they had everything. To such an extent, they came to the rundown of the most exceedingly awful battles on Bigg Manager 14. Everything began when Pavitra selected Eijaz for removals. Eijaz then, at that point, let Pavitra know that she called him a companion and deceived him by designating him. “Galti karke maafi maangne wala bada,” she apologised. They engaged in a shout fest.

However, Eijaz took his retribution much later and decided to save Jasmin Bhasin rather than allow her to be nominated. Pavitra felt deceived over this and let Nikki know that she felt cheated and hurt with his way of behaving. Following this, she was left fuming and crying.

They frequently got into significant contentions with each however consistently made up later and had areas of strength for an in the house. Pavitra was as of late expelled from the house.


This was maybe the nastiest battle on Bigg Supervisor 14. In the extravagance task, the house was isolated into ‘Heavenly messengers’ and ‘Fallen angels’. Eijaz instructed Jaan Kumar Sanu to place his hand inside the toilet seat while the task was being done. After following the instructions, Eijaz became enraged when Jaan accidentally splashed some water on him when he took his hand off the handle. He shouted at him saying that assuming it reoccurs he will request that Jaan lick that hand he had placed in the latrine. Eijaz likewise continued offending Jaan by requesting that he take off his garments then, at that point, shave his facial hair. Eijaz continued to affront Jaan which prompted an enormous battle between the couple. They also got physical and started calling each other names. Jaan likewise separated and said that he believed Eijaz to be his older sibling yet was agitated about the manner in which he acted.

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