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Salman Khan announced Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contastant

In the lead-up to the debut date, Bigg Boss OTT 3’s creators released a post on Instagram. The show’s creators invited fans to assist me in sharing the stars they would like to see.


Bigg Boss, the much awaited reality program hosted by Salman Khan, never fails to draw crowds when it debuts. The program has a devoted fan base and generates a lot of attention every season. Excitement is currently being generated by talks about the anticipated OTT edition, Bigg Boss OTT Season 3.

Salman Khan is getting ready for Bigg Boss OTT’s third season. The creators of the show recently used their official Instagram account to announce the return. A poster with Salman as the host was revealed.

“Who do you want to see in Bigg Boss OTT

They encouraged people to recommend celebrities they would want to see as contestants in the next season in an effort to increase viewer engagement. Some suggested that Roadies star Siwet Tomar ought to compete in “Bigg Boss OTT 3,” while others asked the producers to speak with stand-up comic ComiRaw regarding Salman Khan’s program.

A few well known VIPs are reputed to be drawn closer for the season. In any case, there has been no authority affirmation. According to different media reports, the new season is accepted to debut on May 15, 2024.

Various people are conjectured to join Salman Khan’s antagonistic reality series, ‘Bigg Supervisor OTT 3’. Among the reputed members are

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contastant 

1.  Sheezan Khan,

2. Pratiksha Honmukhe,

3. Shehzada Dhami,

4. Daljeet Kaur

5. Maxtern

6. Thugesh

7. Rohit Khatri

8. Arhan Behll

9. Sreeram Chandra

10. Aryanshi Sharam,

11. Sankey Upadhyay

12. Tushar Silawat

13. Rohit Zinjurke

14. Mohd. Saria

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