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Contestant Himanshi Khurana of Bigg Boss 13 Confirms Split From Asim Riaz

Bigg Supervisor 13 hopeful Himanshi Khurana has as of late affirmed her separation with Asim Riaz. The previous couple met on the arrangements of the unscripted TV drama and became hopelessly enamored, following which they admitted their affections for one another on the show. In any case, following four years of dating, Khurana has now uncovered that she is no longer with Riaz.

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Himanshi Khurana left a cryptic message on her Instagram stories. She alluded to her separation by expounding on how there is just love between them. She expressed, “When we attempted… Yet we were unable to track down an answer for our life… You actually love one another however karma isn’t supporting for joyfully ever later. No can’t stand just love. That is called mature choice.”

After falling in love on “Bigg Boss 13,” the ex-couple broke up after four years of dating, citing “religious differences.” Himanshi had first declared their insight about separation on December 6 by posting an assertion on her X handle. Afterward, she likewise shared a screen capture of her visit with Asim

What caused the breakup of Bigg Boss contestants Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz?

Himanshi Khurana didn’t expressly express the justification for the split. In any case, she left a note on her X (previously Twitter) account, affirming the partition. Albeit the tweet has been erased from that point forward, the note read, “Indeed, We are not together any longer, All the time we have spent together has been perfect however our fellowship reaches a conclusion Now. We are advancing in our lives and our relationship has had a wonderful journey.

The contestant on Bigg Boss also said that she and Asim Riaz ended their relationship well. “We have nothing against each other,” she wrote. We demand you to regard our protection. Himanshi.”

Himanshi Khurana entered the Bigg Manager 13 house in 2019 as a trump card passage. The show, which was facilitated by Salman Khan, likewise saw late entertainer Sidharth Shukla and Shenaaz Gill as challengers. During the show, Asim Riaz admitted to having feelings for Himanshi. The two had been dating beginning around 2020 and furthermore teamed up on different melodic tasks.

Up until this point, Riaz has not tended to the stunning disclosures and is apparently quiet in the midst of the separation.

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Himanshi Kurana and Asim Riaz have separated. The team that began dating in the ‘Bigg Manager 13’ house have headed out in different directions following 4 years of dating. The Punjabi singer gave an official explanation for the breakup in a statement that she posted on her Instagram stories on Wednesday. Several has divided on grounds of ‘various strict convictions’.

Himanshi wrote, “When we tried… But we could not find a solution for our life… You still love each other but luck is not supporting for happily ever after” on her official Instagram handle. No can’t stand just love. That is called mature choice.”

“YES, We are not together anymore,” HImanshi wrote in an official statement on her X account, “All the time we have spent together has been great but our togetherness comes to an end now.” The excursion of our relationship was perfect and we are pushing ahead in our lives. We are putting our love for our various religious beliefs at risk out of respect for our respective religions. There is nothing that we disagree with. We demand you to regard our protection. Himanshi.”

Himanshi had made a special case section on the unscripted television show in its thirteenth season. During her Bigg Supervisor spell, Himanshi had uncovered that she and Chow were dating for the beyond nine years. In any case, not long after she emerged from the show, she declared her separation with Chow.

Asim Riaz has been dating Himanshi Khurana since 2020. On “Bigg Boss 13,” Riaz had expressed his feelings for her.

Among other superstar challengers, Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana, Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharh Shukla were candidates on the Salman Khan-facilitated unscripted TV drama.

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have showed up in four tunes together-Kalla sohna nai, Afsos karoge, Khyaal Rakheya Kar and Dil ko Maine Di Kasam.




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