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Bigg Supervisor 13 Bigg Boss slaps Asim and two other contestants in the face.

Bigg Supervisor’s censures ‘Bigg Manager 13’ housemates for purposefully getting the errand dropped considering three well known challengers mindful.After Shefali Bagga’s expulsion during ‘End of the week Ka Vaar’ in Varieties television’s disputable unscripted TV drama ‘Bigg Supervisor 13’, another week started for the competitors with designations task as usual. This time, ‘BB 13’ housemates neglected to follow through with the jobs doled out by ‘Bigg Manager’s during assignments post which each competitor got designated for ousting this week. It’s been seven days without a chief and the ‘bb’ house has not been all together. In the previous evening’s (eighth January) episode of ‘Bigg Supervisor season 13’, ‘Bigg Manager’s reported this weeks’ captaincy task and its final products were absolutely unforeseen.


In the undertaking, every hopefuls had an image of another housemate tied around their necks. Five ringers rang and two hopefuls needed to dispose of the photos of different challengers on their necks at each signal to eliminate them from the captaincy race. Bigg Supervisor 13: Arhaan and Rashami share PICS; Gets Savaged, Fans Request that he ‘Avoid Her’ The undertaking went smooth till initial three ringers as housemates consumed the photos of their co-candidates. Nonetheless, the game went in a new direction in fourth signal thanks to the three excess hopefuls Asim Riaz, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra. Since he had Rashami Desai’s picture, Asim wanted to make her the new captain of “Bigg Boss,” but Paras had a different idea. During the errand, Paras had Asim Riaz’s image and the game escalated when the previous ‘Splitsvilla’ challenger attempted to change the game by not disposing of photograph of famous Kashmiri model. Paras says he won’t obliterate Asim’s image since he would rather incomplete against a young lady. Asim, as well, stood firm and shared that he won’t dispose of Rashami’s photograph. Indeed, even Mahira isn’t prepared to obliterate Paras’ image ‘Bigg Supervisor’s then lost his quiet and dropped this errand too. He even denounced the hopefuls for purposefully getting the undertaking dropped. Holding Paras, Mahira and Asim capable, ‘Bigg Manager’s reported a discipline for Asim-Mahira-Paras that the triplet will do all family tasks till the following declaration. This is intriguing! On a connected note, it’ll be intriguing to check whether ‘Bigg Supervisor’s home will get another commander this week or not. Keep an eye on this space for additional updates!

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