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Bigg Boss instructs Mannara to learn her cousins Priyanka Chopra

Bigg Supervisor 17: Salman Khan admonished her and let Mannara know that she ought to gain from her cousins, entertainers Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra, and be conscious.
The most recent End of the week ka War episode on Bigg Manager had have Salman Khan giving a tongue-lashing to competitors Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui. Salman confronted Mannara about her actions inside the house and informed her that he was extremely displeased with the manner in which she spoke with Karan Johar, the filmmaker who had taken over for Salman as host last week. ( Additionally read: Bigg Supervisor 17: Salman Khan says Mannara Chopra looks for approval, makes her profound.


In the current week’s End of the week Ka War episode, Salman got back to have after a short break. Sana Raees Khan was the furthest down the line competitor to get killed from the Bigg Manager house. During the episode, Salman likewise defied the activities of a portion of the challengers of the show, particularly Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui.

Salman told Mannara, “The manner in which you talked with Karan Johar, I’m extremely disturbed. Father generally advised you to be deferential. There are two sisters of yours in the business. They’ve been exceptionally deferential. For what reason does the third sister have such a lot of disregard inside the house and outside the house? Ruined kid ka umar chala gaya. Har cheez deal principal hota hai. Ek haath do, ek haath lo. Lete jao, lete jao, lete jao, and return mein kuch na do are crimes that no one can get away with. Everything is a compromise. Compromise. It’s not possible for anyone to pull off taking and not offering anything as a trade off


Salman then, at that point, went to Munawar and said, “Munawar duniya dekhi hai aapne. Aisa hota hai kya? Toh fir back out kyu nahi hote? Yeh aapki responibility nahi hai. Mahaan banna hai aapko? Aapko dikhana hai ki bhai simple me kitni tolerance hai? Yeh aapka koi inner self excursion chal raha hai ki ek clamor yeh samjah jayegi ki vo nalla hai aur mai khara hu (Have you perceived how the world functions? Why don’t you pull out? She isn’t your obligation. You need to show that you’re respectable. Would you like to show how much persistence you have? Is this a self image trip for you, trusting that one day she will understand she’s off-base, and you’re the upstanding one

Salman Khan revealed in an earlier episode that Mannara Chopra prefers to seek “validation” rather than confronting situations with the confidence she should.


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