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Bigg Boss 12 Rohit Suchanti and Sreesanth fight

Bigg Manager 12 had one more fascinating day on Tuesday. Another undertaking offered a chance to members to enter semi finals. Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti, on the other hand, fought, and Somi Khan said Jasleen Matharu used men in the house to get support.Bigg Manager reported another errand allowing the candidates one more opportunity to turn the game in support of themselves and concrete their spot in the captaincy race. The new chief of the house would get to enter the semi-last straightforwardly and the challengers would likewise get an amazing chance to restore their lost award cash.


According to the game’s rules, contestants had to board the school bus with the bag of the house inmate they wanted to eliminate from the task each time the buzzer sounded. The contestant whose name was on the bag would be disqualified as soon as the bus stopped moving. The contestant who got out first would be the reason. The envelope in that pack bears a sum that would be added to the award cash.Indeed, even before the errand could start, Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti got into an appalling disagreement as they halted each other from playing the game. At the point when the errand started, Surbhi Rana blew her top as Romil Chaudhary grabbed the sack from her. Be that as it may, Bigg Manager mediated and made Romil the boss of the undertaking.


During the errand, Somi Khan blamed Jasleen Matharu for involving men in the house for help. The last option is presently companions with Blissful Club part Romil which Somi opposes. Romil got in the way and tried to persuade Somi that she was still his closest friend in the house.

In the midst of a few procedures and fights, Deepak Thakur appeared to be the playing the game better as he figured out how to add Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 to the award cash. Who will advance to the captaincy race and the semi-final as the game continues in tonight’s episode?


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