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Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th May 2024 Written Episode 501

Sahiba lets Angad know that they together have ventured towards their fate and until their they prevail in their main goal, he will keep her educated regarding the every choice taken for Akeer. He says he will, sees her hand injury, and gets concerned. Sahiba says it’s nothing before Akeer and says she will simply uphold him in getting back Akeer and will always remember his barbarities towards her. Angad says even he won’t fail to remember her stowing away about Akeer from him, and so on. Sahiba says she doesn’t believe that their past should influence Akeer’s presence. Angad says even he would rather not and says how about we shake hands and begin their central goal to save Akeer. Garry says he will perceive the way Diljeet will prevent guardians from meeting their kid.

Diljeet takes a gander at his family photograph and says that Sahiba thinks he has changed, circumstance has constrained him to do as such, he guarantees that he will age significantly Diljeet once she returns in his day to day existence. He takes a gander at the wedding band and says once their commitment gets done, Angad will make their wedding plans. Garry drops Sahiba to gurudwara. Angad demands Sahiba to move to Brar manor. Sahiba rejects. Garrys she ought to move for the wellbeing of Akeer. Sahiba asks how might she. Angad says she will remain at Brar chateau just till they get back Akeer from Diljeet. Sahiba concurs and goes to get her pack. Garry lets Angad know that he had lie to Diljeet to cause him to accept that he is winning. Angad says nothing remains for Sahiba in his heart now and he will endure her main till Akeer is back. Sahiba gets back with her sack and they each of the 3 head towards Brar manor.

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Brars anxiously trust that Angad and Garry will get back. Amu inquires as to whether they looked into Angad. They gesture no. Jasleen asks her how is her mother now. Amu says don’t have the foggiest idea why mother got abrupt migraine, she took medications and is resting, they need not stress as Arminder is there to deal with her. Garry and Angad get back followed by Sahiba. Manveer in her standard embarrassing and rudest tone hollers at Sahiba that she was holding Angad with her not worried about Akeer. Angad says he had gone to Sahiba and says they were occupied in a few undertaking that he was unable to call and illuminate her by any means. Manveer asks what does he mean. Angad uncovers entire anecdote about their arrangement to get Diljeet and Akeer’s DNA tests and demonstrate that Akeer isn’t Diljeet’s child. He says Sahiba will remain with them until they make their statement. Amu feels stunned hearing that. Manveer inquires as to whether they need to bear Sahiba now. Angad expresses just till they get back Akeer.

He says he wants his family’s help to get back Akeer from Diljeet’s hold. Bebe says Akeer is their blood and it’s their obligation to safeguard him. Keerat says she will uphold Angad and Sahiba in any case she can. Other relatives likewise consent to help Angad and Sahiba. Amu says she will likewise help Angad and asks how will he manage Sahiba once Akeer is saved. Manveer says Sahiba will leave Brar manor once Akeer is saved. Sahiba says she will take off from the house once her child is saved. Angad says we should not examine about it now and focus on saving Akeer.

Precap: Correspondent covers a letting the cat out of the bag that somebody shot Sahiba outside the court while she was being brought to court for criminal allegations, who probably shot Sahiba. She in shock inquires as to whether it’s Angad Singh Brar and requests that camera cut the scene.

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