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Bigg Boss Ott 2 13th August 2023 Episode 58 Written Update

Bigg Boss Ott 2 13th August

Today’s Bigg Manager OTT 2 thirteenth August 2023 episode (Day 57) begins with Pooja Bhatt remaining in the rec center region at 6 am and expressing gratitude toward BB for this wonderful experience.

Further, the hopefuls awaken to an exceptionally reviving Bollywood tune and Bebika dance in the nursery region.

Bebika inquires as to whether she needs to keep the fellowship after BB’s home while Manisha tells her that clearly, she will believe this kinship should go on as she doesn’t hold hard feelings in her heart.

In the mean time, Bebika attempts to talk sick about Abhi to Pooja Bhatt while she lets Bebika know that she isn’t keen on paying attention to their correspondence.

Nonetheless, Elvish advises Bebika to peruse his hand while Abhi taunts Elvish for trusting Bebika.

Further, Pooja Bhatt acclaims her parent’s romantic tale and lets Bebika know how effectively they have developed in these years regardless of Mahesh Bhatt having a subsequent family.

In addition, Pooja Bhatt likewise tells Bebika that Ashiqui film depends on her parent’s romantic tale.

In the interim, Pooja tells Bebika that Manisha isn’t champion material while Bebika remarks on Manisha’s being a tease abilities when Pooja tells her not to discuss that as it’s not even genuine.

Then again, Abhi kids about Manisha not turning into a victor assuming individuals will think of her as excursion while Manisha answers to him that in the event that she turns into a champ, Abhi will be so stunned.

Be that as it may, the two of them close their correspondence by telling one another, how blissful they will be when for one another and in any event, for Elvish.

Meanwhile, BB compliments every one of the main 5 candidates in the house and enlightens them regarding their wonderful excursion.

BB adds that they have an extraordinary night in the nursery region and everybody’s hanging tight for them which takes the challengers leap in energy.
Further, Asees begins performing on the stage for everybody and she sings her latest melody ‘Ve Kamleya’ for Pooja Bhatt since it is Alia’s film tune and the challengers haven’t heard it yet.

Then, Asees sings an extremely heartfelt melody in which she requests a couple to move when Elvish and Manisha play out an exceptionally charming dance on the stage later, Tony Kakkar joins Manisha which gives her a fluttery feeling in her stomach.

In the mean time, the candidates partake in Asees’ exhibition and are scoring to the music while partaking in their last evening in BB house.

In any case, Asees Kaur surrenders the mic to Tony Kakkar and he effectively possesses the stage while starting his presentation with Coca-Cola tune.

Before Tony Kakkar begins his next melody, he calls Manisha Rani onto the stage and Manisha sets the stage ablaze while she doesn’t quit playing with Tony even on the stage.

Then again, Tony Kakkar lets Manisha know that in the wake of going out, she will do her most memorable video melody with Tony Kakkar.

Continuing on, Tony Kakkar values Elvish’s liberality and the fanbase that he has made in these previous years while he asks Elvish to perform with him on his tune ‘Senorita’ as his fan following will assist Tony’s melody with arriving at new levels.

To wrap things up, Tony plays out his last melody ’12 Ladke’ with Pooja on the stage while BiggBoss shows his appreciation towards Tony Kakkar and Asees Kaur for joining the competitors in the BB house.

Afterward, Manisha communicates her glad inclination for Elvish as she was paralyzed to see his fan following among the crowd while Elvish tells her that he will in any case generally stay rational.

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