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Bigg Boss Ott 2 11th August 2023 Episode 56 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT 2 11th August 2023

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 twelfth July 2023 episode (Day 24) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to the Bigg Supervisor tune as they go to the nursery and begin moving.

Further, Abhisehk Malhan inquires as to whether she and Jiya Shankar were truly battling and she says that they were simply contending.

Falaq gets set off!
Bebika Dhurve hinders and expresses that they are contending just and passes on saying that Falaq isn’t prepared to acknowledge that they were battling.

Afterward, Jiya and Abhi sit together and discuss Falaq and Avinash Sachdev while Jiya says that she can’t converse with them any longer.

Simultaneously, Falaq and Avi are additionally discussing Jiya as Avi lets Falaq know that she can repair her fellowship with Jiya however not him since they have gotten such countless breaks in their kinship.

A while later, Jad Hadid converses with Falaq requesting that she converse with Jiya yet she declines.

Afterward, Manisha Rani and Bebika sit with one another and discuss how Avinash is playing like a defeatist and how he and Falaq have turned into Pooja’s flunkies.

Pooja comes there and Manisha embraces her commending her aroma.

Manisha later goes to the room region and requests Abhi to get out while having senseless discussions with Jiya in it too.

Abhi gets saved by JANTA!
The housemates get shocked to see the enhancement of the nursery and go outside as Bigg Supervisor lets them know that the present selection task will be somewhat private as they will utilize their own things to designate their preferred individual.

Avi peruses the guidelines and uncovers that Jiya being the commander is protected alongside Abhishek as per a survey done in the first part of the day to Janta.

In the assignment, the candidates should give their own things in each round when the bell is squeezed, after which Abhi and Jiya and provide them with the name of their ideal competitor whom they might want to select.

Selection task!
Abhi and Jiya should choose one thing and give the name of the assigned individual while adjusting to the designation by annihilating the individual thing and tossing it in the receptacle.

In the primary round, Jiya and Abhi select Falaq’s thing to annihilate and Bebika is assigned.

Afterward, Bebika grumbles about Abhi getting saved by his fans because of the democratic in the survey while Jiya goes to Falaq lastly embraces her while having a breakdown.

Falaq asks her she didn’t come to her while Jiya states that she needed to clear her brain prior to coming to converse with her.

Bebika then again contends with Abhi letting him know that he focuses on her in designations while he tells her that he isn’t a competitor however a sanchalak.

Falaq surrenders her family photograph!

She begins hitting him and he chuckles taking off from him telling her that she is attempting to contact him.

They wind up having a pad battle while Manisha comes there and isolates them.

Abhi and Bebika go to Pooja Bhatt and whine to her while Abhi reasons that Bebika shouldn’t hit him.

The subsequent round begins and Jiya and Abhi again giggle as they let Jad know that they are not tolerating garments.

Falaq is prepared to forfeit her family picture to assign Manisha thinking that she is stuck on one thing as it were.

Jiya and Abhi get confounded in picking either Pooja and Falaq and eventually, pick Falaq because of the thing she is surrendering.

Abhi obliterates the image and tosses it in the container while expressing that Manisha is assigned.

Falaq races to her bed to cry yet Avi surges after her reassuring her.

Then again, Abhi sits with and Manisha attempts to clarify for her that the thing that the individual is giving is greater need since the undertaking is rotated around that as it were.

Simultaneously, Jiya consoles Falaq who shows her another piece that is extremely private to her and uncovers that she could forfeit it as well.

Jiya shakes her head saying that the assignment will be extremely intriguing at this point.

For the third round, every one of the housemates bring their most valuable things placing Jiya and Abhi in a predicament.

Abhi and Jiya acknowledge Pooja’s penance of bangles and report that Falaq is selected.

In the fourth round, Manisha carries her shoes to forfeit Avinash which are her most costly shoes to her.

The vast majority of the challengers name Avinash however eventually, Jiya and Abhi acknowledge Avi’s wristband and declare that Pooja is selected.

Subsequently, the housemates begin contending with Abhi expressing that he has done individual retaliation and assigned Pooja.

Falaq penances her costly ring!
In the last round, Jad at last brings something extremely valuable to him, his little girl’s image with the designation for Avi.

Simultaneously, Falaq additionally draws out the ring that her mom gifted her to assign Avinash.

Abhi and Jiya pick Falaq’s ring to forfeit and place it in the dustbin as they declare that Avinash is designated.

Thereafter, Bebika jokes that she needs to meet Abhi’s sibling and he begins calling her Bhabhi.

Bebika begins conversing with the camera and gives a proposition to Abhi’s sibling, Set off Insaan, and advises him to broil her.

Afterward, Jiya acclaims Pooja’s cleaning abilities while Pooja advises her to advise different housemates to do clean this way when they get the restroom cleaning obligation.

Simultaneously, Manisha kids about how she will banter with Jad’s girl as a Bihari mother.

Bebika lets Manisha know how Falaq and Avi are adhering to Abhi as a result of his fan following while Falaq uncovers to Abhi that she was unable to take Duplicate Glue show.

Around evening time, Falaq is again called to the kitchen to clean the counter and she lashes out as she has cooked everything with the exception of the chapati.

Falaq proceeds to grumble to Jiya who says that she will give the counter cleaning obligation to Manisha.

Around evening time, Manisha lets Bebika know how Avi and Falaq are sitting like outsiders and don’t appear to be a couple.

In the interim, Abhi goes to Avi and Falaq and sits with them whining about Jiya not giving significance to the circulation of undertakings and having no consideration for the skipper’s obligations.

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