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Bigg Boss Ott 2 10th August 2023 Episode 55 Written Update

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 tenth August 2023 episode (Day 54) begins with the housemates awakening to a vivacious tune after an extended rest.


Hearing the tune with the victor demeanor, every one of the housemates begin moving.

Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan joke with one another as he snickers at her explanation that she has a keen interest in Elvish Yadav.

Further, Bebika Dhurve and Abhi discuss the misconception in their correspondence as Abhi believes her to be an egotist.

Then again, Elvish discussions to Pooja Bhatt about how his discussion with Abhi went in regards to a special case challenger being the champ.

Pooja sides with Elvish and tells her that she began seeing the once again trust in Abhi’s down.

Afterward, every one of the housemates sit and discuss whether the game is tied in with having suppositions or about their characters.

At the point when Pooja and Elvish disagree with Abhi, he goes to sit in the nursery with Manisha and Jiya Shankar.

Once Elvish goes to sit with them, Abhi calls Elvish a jackass for feeling that sentiments are for assessment while Elvish attempts to discuss his perspective.

Elvish discussions about how he felt irritated about Abhi’s remark about a trump card not being a champ and about his remark that Elvish is the legend’s companion while Abhi is the legend.

The two of them are talking about it when the chime rings making every one of the hopefuls hurry to the nursery.

Bigg Supervisor invites travel vlogger Aninay as he lets the housemates know that alongside the show, the BB House will likewise reach a conclusion because of which a couple of movement video lumberjacks will come and give a visit through the BB House to esteem as recollections.

Aninay welcomes the housemates and they take him to the various pieces of the house while Manisha stays in the kitchen making tea for him.

When the house is visited, Abhi lets Aninay know that he ought to go with the housemates now.

Aninay sits as Bebika does his palmreading and illuminates him that he has two relationships in his destiny.

She additionally says that his contemplative nature has created a few issues in his day to day existence.

Further, he tells Elvish and Abhi that they are playing the game pleasantly and that there is rivalry between them outside.
He likewise prompts Elvish to quit giving a shout out to others and begin playing the game as a competitor.

When Aninay leaves, Abhi and Elvish attempt to interpret Aninay’s words while the following visitor Mohit shows up.

Mohit welcomes the housemates and facetiously lets Manisha know that he has a proposal from his sibling for her who lives in Canada.

He begins visiting the house while discussing ends and asks them whom they believe will be saved.

A large portion of the housemates take Manisha and Elvish’s names.

He further asks Pooja who she thinks will be driving the faction between YouTubers.

Pooja upholds Elvish who says thanks to her for her help.

Afterward, Mohit discusses how he thinks Elvish is more quiet today as he expresses that he is that way as it were.

He converses with them asking them where they might want to go once they are out of the BB House.

Afterward, after Mohit exits, the housemates are called external the nursery to uncover the Best 5 of the show.

Bigg Supervisor requests one from them to divulge the photograph kept in the nursery and that individual will get wiped out.

Jiya Shankar gets wiped out while the Best 5 posture before the camera.

Afterward, Abhi asks Pooja what she realized in Bigg Manager while Bebika and Elvish discussion about amusing things like Monkey’s bum.

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