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Bigg Boss 16 Whole house deals with repercussion as Archana Gautam

Bigg Supervisor 16: Archana Gautam is shown in a new advertisement refusing to complete a task, which would result in Bigg Boss punishing the entire house.Archana Gautam, a contestant on Bigg Boss 16, is shown refusing to participate in a task and even challenging Bigg Boss for daring her to be a part of it in a new promo for the upcoming episode. Bigg Supervisor will currently rebuff the whole house for her refusal to get soaked in chilly water as a component of an undertaking. Likewise read: Archana Gautam requests Salman Khan to give her a rundown from what she is permitted to say on Bigg Manager 16; fans acclaim her


The promotion shows a few contenders sitting on a seat as a cup of cold water is tossed at them. Upon Archana’s turn, she continues to rests in the nursery region and says, “Fundamental nahi aaungi, thanda pani hai, fever ho jata hai mujhe (I won’t come. This is cold water and it gives me fever).” She is seen requesting that Bigg Manager allow her another opportunity.


ColorsTV shared the promotion via web-based entertainment and inscribed it, “Bigg Supervisor ne sunaayi poore ghar ko sazaa, kya Archana se ho jaayenge stomach muscle sab khafa? ( Will everyone be displeased with Archana now that Bigg Boss has punished the entire house?)

A watcher remarked on the video, “Could somebody supplications at any point let Bigg Manager know that it’s an over the top one-sided, uneven game. Consistently same things occur as that mandali (bunch) plays an uneven game against 3-4 in the house. It’s not the challengers it’s the producers.” Another participant remarked, “Salman bhai ne bola he koi nhi nikal sakata kar tu kuchbi, Big Boss bhi nhi nikalega, kyu sune wo Big Boss ki, na BB me hoti, na task dekhe bhag jati” (Salman stated that you can Presently for what reason will she pay attention to Bigg Chief, neither she would have been in he house nor she would have taken off from the errand).” Another watcher remarked, “How could Bigg Supervisor give (such a) errand to them? Couldn’t deal with water.”


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